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Co-Active Leadership Experience

Learn the multi-dimensional model that will strengthen your leadership agility.

Co-Active Leadership Experience

Traditional leadership paradigms say that leaders are defined by their roles and responsibility. In the new Co-Active leadership paradigm, we believe that everyone is a leader, and there is more than one way to lead. In this experiential workshop, participants will be guided through all 5 dimensions of the revolutionary Co-Active Leadership Model. You’ll learn about different leadership styles, how they can align communication with a common language, and when and how to apply each to be more agile, effective, and able to bring the best version of yourself to any situation.

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The Experience

Listen to one of our customers describe the Co-Active Leadership Experience.

Listen to one of our customers describe the Co-Active Leadership Experience.

What you'll learn

Leader Within

Self-Acceptance and Self-Authority

Be the change you want to see in the world. Take responsibility for your world by accepting yourself fully as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. Live your life with integrity, in accordance with your personal values. We are not “broken”; let go of trying to “fix” yourself, so you can expand, grow, and live life more fully.

Leader in Front

Connection and Direction

This is not top-down leadership, which is about being the boss and telling people what to do. It’s about pointing toward a clear, purpose-led vision, fostering a heart-led connection with your audience, and balancing enrollment with your vision to inspire them to follow along.

Leader Behind

Serving and Coaching

You are a leader even when you’re holding space for others. There are times when it’s best to empower other people and call forth their brilliance by listening deeply, asking powerful questions, and acknowledging them. The answers to life’s biggest questions don’t live outside of us. In their service as Leader Behind, great coaches know that the answers lie within the one they are serving.

Leader Beside

Partnership and Synergy

No Co-Active leader goes it alone. Co-leading with another person is a marvelous dance that is a consciously designed partnership around a shared vision and intention. The intimacy in the relationship creates room for creativity in the moment that neither leader could come up with on their own, nor plan for. Co-leading is compelling, rich, and dimensional.

Leader in the Field

Intuition and Innovation

Ever walk into a meeting and just “know” there’s tension or excitement in the room? Every human has the ability to “sense” what’s happening in a space. When you slow down and expand your sensory awareness, you can access your imagination, intuition, and insight. The input you receive can serve as a valuable layer to inform your heart, your thoughts, and your actions.

The Five Dimensions of the Co-Active Leadership Model

The Co-Active Leadership Model contains 5 different leadership dimensions. Learn what they mean and how you can leverage them to create a new language of leadership that fosters clarity and agility.

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The Co-Active Leadership Experience is a transformative program for anyone. We are all leaders, whether we are conscious of that or not. Each of us is having an impact—on ourselves, each other, and the planet. This course teaches us awareness, ownership, AND a model that empowers each of us to make a difference.

Darla Beam

This was an awesome course, with a new paradigm on leadership that works well at work and in every part of life.

Jennifer Crow

This is one of the best standalone leadership courses and models. It develops you personally and professionally, and you leave with a model and an understanding of the dimension to apply, so you can be intentional in the course of life.

Angela Trainor
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Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead

Download the first chapter of our newest book, Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead, for free.

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100% Guarantee

The best investment in you

We want you to be completely comfortable with your decision to embark on your Co-Active training journey. We are so confident in our ability to deliver value, that if you are not completely satisfied after completing Co-Active Leadership Experience, you’ll receive 100% of your money back.

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Co-Active Leadership Experience