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Co-Active Leadership Program

10 months of immersive learning, 4 retreats, a lifetime of transformation.
10 Month Program | 4 Residential Retreats

Co-Active Leadership Program

It’s one thing to attend leadership training classes. It’s another to fully live into intensive, world-class leadership experiences where you and others witness your leadership evolving. The Co-Active Leadership Program is a powerful, experiential leadership training program that includes 4 residential retreats held over a 10-month period, connected virtually in-between with weekly calls, assignments and required reading. Each group travels their journey together with the same small group of 20-25 other participants.

You will be stretched, challenged, sometimes uncomfortable, but absolutely proud at your growth when you graduate the program. This immersive experience propels participants to understand and access their unique strengths and personal power by participating in adventure-based activities, interactive exercises, spirited dialogue, challenges that stretch you beyond your comfort zone, and other group processes. It will forever change your experience of life, and how you be in relationship to your world, others, and yourself.

Schedule & Locations

a journey of a lifetime

The Experience

Each retreat builds upon the other, with opportunities to practice what was learned in-between retreats. Participation in the 10-month Co-Active Leadership Program requires attendance at all 4 residential retreats, completion of homework projects, and participation in regular conference calls (at least biweekly). With fewer than 25 peers in each group, prepare to be stretched, challenged, and supported on your leadership journey.

You’ll foster lifelong leadership skills and grow into your full potential as a leader, through the development of an international community of peers and leaders who grow and learn together through a variety of shared experiences.

Prior Leadership Program attendees have included individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, including coaches, consultants, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, engineers, human resources/organizational development professionals, artists, writers, medical professionals, therapists, community leaders, celebrities, and many others. Many Leadership Program graduates remain friends, mentors, and peers for life.

What you’ll learn

Learn when you are most compelling

Become a welcomed member of an international community of Co-Active Leadership Program graduates. Our tight-knit Co-Active Community is an incredible resource to be a part of.

Recognize your leadership styles & strengths

Recognize your personal leadership styles and strengths, and develop the capacity to be effective in a wide range of circumstances and environments.

Create more powerful alliances

Uncover and build on the strengths inherent in others, to create powerful alliances and achieve mutual goals.

Identify your leader "quest"

Identify your own purposeful leader “quest,” and build an actionable plan to bring it forth into the world.

Create your desired impact

Become aware of your impact on others, learn to create your desired impact, and begin to take responsibility for that impact in all aspects of your life.

Break through limitations

Identify and break through self-perceived limits—reinforced by experiential learning and Co-Active coaching—to move into an arena of extraordinary performance. Your relationships, intimacy and communication will rise to a new level.

Expand your resourcefulness

Improve your ability to discover and nurture resources in yourself and others. Learn what true “self-authority” feels like.

Join an international community of leaders

Become a welcomed member of an international community of Co-Active Leadership Program graduates. Our tight-knit Co-Active Community is an incredible resource to be a part of.

The Co-Active Leadership Program at CTI is not just about taking away a bunch of skills; it’s about making the most important decisions of your life.

Celeste SchenkAmerican University of Paris

My Co-Active training allowed me to step into who I really am and gives me the courage to be who I really want to be. I learned to turn off the negative inner chatter and be more present with others. I feel alive!

Robbie Klein

After the 10-month leadership program, I had the courage to give myself full permission to own the impact I have on my environment. Along with my Co-Active Coach Certification, I embrace the value I add healing corporate environments, teaching Co-Active tools and coaching engineers with infectiously positive results.

Andrea Buell


Due to Covid-19 this program is paused until further notice.

Co-Active Leadership Program