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Let's create a new language of leadership, together!

For the last 30 years the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) has been offering the gold-standard in coach training and leadership development for individuals and organizations. Now we are creating a new language of leadership. Let's do this together. 

Relationship Agility for Organizations

Our relationship-building course for managers and intact teams

    DURATION: 2.3-4 DAYS 

    Developing effective relationships is what distinguishes high performers from their peers and high-performing organizations from the competition. To consistently deliver strong results, senior leaders, managers, and intact teams must have the human skills needed to work well together and align around shared goals and objectives. Built from our relational Co-Active model, the Relationship Agility program provides a practical, step-by-step approach for achieving accountable working relationships that foster trust, innovation, and teamwork. 

    My perspective and outlook on how to hold a conversation have changed and I know that will affect how I behave, react, and respond to others.

    CTI Learner

    Participants will learn:

    The Co-Active Model 

    The Co-Active model and how it positively influences relationships 

    Levels of Listening 

    How to fully engage with another person or group of people 

    Powerful Questions 

    A tool to help uncover motivations and solutions: being curious to foster understanding 

    The Person Behind the Role 

    Seeing the whole person and what that means for how you relate 

    Conflict Resolution 

    How to approach conflict in a Co-Active way 

    Responsible Relationships 

    The shared responsibility in establishing successful alliances 

    This program is ideal for teams and managers who want to improve ways of working and relationships, in pursuit of a positive, high-performing, and collaborative team culture. 

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