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Co-Active Coaching Training Program

The oldest and largest in-person coaching training organization in the world, CTI® has trained over 55,000 coaches and has also trained employees in more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. CTI’s Co-Active Coach® Training Program is widely recognized as the most rigorous coaching training and certification program in the industry.

The Program Path

The Co-Active Coaching Training Program is approximately a 12 month program, consisting of five in-person experiential workshops and is followed by a six month virtual Certification program as described in the following Program Path diagram.

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The Curriculum

CTI’s Co-Active Coaching Training Program integrates three foundational principles that help the coaching client enhance both the quality and results they experience in life and work.

The conversation about these principles begins in our Fundamentals course. The next three courses focus on the principles themselves: Fulfillment – deriving deep meaning and satisfaction from life; Balance – viewing the world from an empowered stance, making powerful choices and taking effective action; and Process – fully experiencing the richness of any given moment. The fifth course is Synergy, which integrates all of the learning principles into one powerful cohesive skill called Co-Active Coaching®.

The five in-person experiential workshops are followed by our six month virtual Certification Program. The Certification Program begins the road to mastery as a Co-Active Coach and includes hands-on coaching, ongoing group work and one-on-one supervision of actual coaching sessions. After successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the written and oral certification exam, with the goal of becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC).

CTI’s Co-Active Coaching Training Program will prepare you to coach anyone, on any topic. One of the cornerstones of the Co-Active® model is that we focus on the whole person, not just one particular part of their life. People aren’t compartmentalized. They are multi-faceted and dynamic, and our model allows you to work with whatever topic your client chooses. And if a client wants to get coached on their health and wellness, or their board meeting challenges, or their relationships, you will be equipped to do so.

The Co-Active Coaching model is simple, elegant and adaptable in any coaching situation: personal, executive, group, wellness and many more. With CTI’s diverse and incredibly in-depth training, you can coach anyone on anything with confidence that you are supported by the most flexible and proven model in the coaching world.

Fundamentals Fulfillment Balance Process Synergy Certification