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Differentiating between masculine and feminine leadership qualities can be sticky, tricky, and full of hidden landmines. As American philosopher, Ken Wilber so aptly puts it, “To fully integrate, we must first differentiate.” Simply put, to...


Listening is not the same as hearing. Understanding the three levels of listening is a significant step toward more successful and meaningful communication.

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I’ve had my share of difficult bosses. The kind of boss that makes everyone feel like they are walking on eggshells. That is liable to fly off the handle at any moment. That has constructed a complex series of systems that cost the organization...

acknowledge your relationships

When did you last genuinely see someone? Relationships evolve us. It opens and closes hearts, uniting humans, and helping us bring out the best in one another.

powerful questions

Asking powerful questions in coaching can uncover what's genuinely important for people, and empower them to tap into their own abilities and knowledge.

energize the team

Taking a vacation is usually the first aid to energize the team. But what if it doesn't work? Learn how coaching can bring energy back to the workplace.

Leader-Team Relationship

Coached leaders are more confident in their leadership approach. In addition, coaching helps leaders redefine their relationships with disputes and conflicts.


Leadership isn't gendered – women are leaders, too. Female leaders are compassionate, receptive, collaborative, sensitive, empathic, intuitive, & cooperative.


César Fentanes Serrano will lead CTI France with Dany Nassif and Nelly Dubout. César discusses France, the future of CTI, and his vision for French coaches.

  • CTI
  • January 13, 2022

Asking questions of your team can help you moderate your problem-solving tendencies. These small improvements will increase team participation and development.

design alliance

Building strong alliances early in the relationship allows both parties to safely communicate and discuss their disagreements and hopes for the partnership.

silence your inner critic

Dealing with a voice saying, “You'll never succeed,” is difficult. Finding a way to silence your inner critic is one of the most crucial things you can do.

workplace vulnerability

Embracing vulnerability can strengthen working connections. Using vulnerability to your advantage involves being aware of yourself and the other person.

Salsa Dancing

Co-Active learners are presented with various options to disseminate knowledge. Teaching can involve a delicate dance of leading and following, much like salsa.

International Coaching Week

Every May, the International Coaching Federation celebrates International Coaching Week. Let's spread coaching's positive impacts worldwide to help us recover.

  • CTI
  • May 16, 2021
Statue in honor of Martin Luther King in Washington DC

Countries in the entire world are struggling. Awful things that have happened perplex and anger us. Fighting chaos requires optimism, endurance, and leadership.


Co-Active promotes a world of completeness, responsibility, and love. Diverse ideas and a willingness to disagree are needed to build the future we want.

  • CTI
  • January 10, 2021
Simon Sinek and Richard Branson

Awkward conversations are hard to stick with. CTI solves this by improving global interactions to build a world that values wholeness, accountability, and love.

Co-Active Relationship to Self in COVID

COVID is insisting we pay attention to relationship.

Do You Want to Know If There’s an Eyelash Stuck to Your Cheek?

Whether we're employees or business owners, we must examine how our activities influence others. The "Line of Sight Model" ensures inner and outer reflection.


Thanksgiving gives an invitation to everyone to sit down, share a meal, and reflect on what is most important to them to move forward with more purpose.

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