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Announcing Our New Partner: CTI France!

  • POSTED ON JANUARY 13, 2022

To kick off 2022 in the right spirit, we are delighted to announce our newest regional partner: CTI France!

César Fentanes Serrano, CTI’s partner for Mexico, is joining Dany Nassif and Nelly Dubout to run CTI France. The first Co-Active Fundamentals of Coaching course will take place March 18-20, 2022, in the stunning former British Hospital building in Levallois. It will be co-led (in French) by Roxane Loiseaux and César himself. (It will be followed up by the first CTI France Co-Active Leadership Experience courses, online March 22-24 and in person July 1-3.)

Head here to the (French language) website for more info and to sign up.

Ahead of this exciting development, we wanted to take a moment to sit down with César for a chat.

Well, César, this is exciting news! What led you to launch this regional partnership at this time, in France?

I moved to Europe in August and am passionate about expanding the Co-Active community. I’m very familiar with France and have dreamed of serving this vibrant community.

Why France, rather than another country?

France is my second country of citizenship. I have done business in it before and I have found the right partners to do this with. They know the market and will be instrumental in learning from the past and creating success from it.

Have you taught CTI in France before?

No. First time ever, and I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Saboteurs not welcome!

How is the launch going? What have you been focusing on in recent days?

Launching in a new market is exciting and also a lot of hard work. Originally, we were planning an in-person launch event on February 10, but at this point, we may not be able to do that safely. We are keeping an eye on the covid situation and will pivot accordingly. We’re also focusing a lot of our time on developing our website and marketing within the region.

You’ve been a CTI leader, and a partner in Mexico, for years — how has this experience been?

I have been a leader for almost nine years in Mexico anda lot of other countries, both for CTI and for my own company — 20 countries in face-to-face courses, and a lot more virtually. It has led me to a deep understanding about how people want very similar things everywhere: more fulfilling lives, better relationships, and to be better at what they do. How has it led to this next chapter? It is this understanding that makes me know that people in France also want this, and that Co-Active is a great way to learn how to obtain it.

Do you feel like France is a Co-Active place?

I believe that in essence we are all Co-Active. We at times betray that essence but we can always recover and go back to it. I know that “savoir faire” (knowing how to do) is a great part of French culture. I believe that “savoir être” (knowing how to be) is becoming bigger and bigger. It is all part of “savoir vivre” (knowing how to live). France is ready for this.

What is your vision for CTI France?

I see CTI transforming the human experience wherever it goes. I have this vision of CTI becoming the reference in coaching and leadership in France, both for French speakers and for the large English-speaking foreign community. I picture us both in Paris and maybe somewhere in the south of France (Nice? Monaco?), with both the core curriculum and the Co-Active Leadership Experience.

Do you feel like the world especially needs some Co-Activity right now?

Yes! The world needs to reimagine everything right now. To dream again, to be fully present, to be able to make choices that come from awareness rather than reaction. To find purpose again and align with it. All things that are the basis of Co-Activity.

What else do you want to tell people about the launch in 2022?

I want to reach out to our entire community worldwide and ask for their help. If you know someone in France or surrounding countries who has been wanting this, let them know. If you know somebody there who might benefit from this, either for their profession or for leading their teams or for changing their organizations, let them know.


Thanks to César for taking the time to chat with us. We are all so excited about this next chapter for him and for Co-Active learning in France!

Head here to the (French language) website for more info and to sign up.

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