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Leading from the Front: Unlocking Leadership for Optimal Flow

  • POSTED ON MAY 30, 2019

We’ve all been there, whether you are a solo-entrepreneur or the senior leader of a multi-national corporation. Leaders just like ship Captains must keep their eye on the ocean currents in order to get into a favorable flow. When a Captain and their Crew are “being” their best, the entire ship can arrive days or weeks earlier while expending less energy.

So leader, how are your leadership goals going?  Need to refocus on your legacy?  Feel conflicted about spending more quality time with your family?  Or, are you like I was, working hard, to create a meaningful and prosperous work-life that does more than just pay the bills?   Wow, this seems to be a little overwhelming, finding this optimal flow – where to start?  The answer is, start with your Captain, that is – you, right here, right now!

How are you BEING as a leader in your company?  On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the most) how well are you creating with the flow?

Here are three ways for you to “BE” in order to effectively “Lead from the Front”:

  1. Demonstrate curiosity
  2. Be vulnerable
  3. Share entrepreneurial thinking.

How have you developed your team’s ability to steer into the flow? On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the most), how well have you demonstrated to your team what leading from the front really looks like?

Here are five competencies indicative of leading from the front:

  1. Market understanding
  2. Strategic orientation
  3. Change leadership
  4. Collaboration
  5. Results and Sustainability Focus

How might your leadership inspire your team to wholeheartedly believe that results AND sustainability are important? If it’s your default to work as Leader from the Front, what other leadership ways of being will put your Crew in the flow without you being front and center?  Leading from Beside (partnering with them)? Leading from Behind (co-actively coaching them)? The point here is that our Crew deserves to be in the flow with us.  Many certified co-active coaches could support you with these questions, or perhaps your mastermind group show you.  If you’re curious, I invite you to explore your Leadership Superpowers on my site.

Understanding who you’re being as a leader and when you need to switch your leadership ways of being is an essential first step to getting in the flow. It’s just like picking up the anchor and moving with favorable currents. Without this understanding, your anchor may be stuck on the bottom of the ocean floor immovable and unavailable for your Crew.  Each day, you show your team the way.  Anchors aweigh! 

Written By

Nina Segura

Raised by a single Mom in Davie, Florida, Nina began working at an early age to create the life she wanted. She was driving at fourteen, and at the age of sixteen, she plunged her Chevelle SS into a canal, learning what would be the first in a series of leadership lessons. At 17 years old, Nina joined Amex where she ascended the corporate ladder, and received numerous awards for quality. In 2005, Nina took Metaspire from start-up to millions of dollars in sales in just 5 years. Her latest book, “Every Day is Friday: ACTT Blueprint for Leaders & Entrepreneurs” hit #1 Amazon Hot New Releases for Business Consulting within its first few weeks of release.

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