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For the last 30 years the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) has been offering the gold-standard in coach training and leadership development for individuals and organizations. Now we are creating a new language of leadership. Let's do this together. 

Co-Active Scholarship Program

Funded Co-Active Leadership Programs

Each year, CTI awards a number of Co-Active Leadership Program Scholarships, which offers full tuition to CTI’s 10-month experiential leadership program.

Seeking to usher in a new generation of Co-Active change-makers, this scholarship reflects CTI’s commitment to fostering inclusive leadership and providing opportunities for individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership potential and are committed to driving positive change in their communities.

The scholarship covers the full cost of the leadership program ($19,800) and is open to individuals who can demonstrate:

  • Significant financial need
  • A strong commitment to leadership in their communities
  • A track record of consistent leadership within communities, in organizations, or elsewhere
  • A desire to make a difference in the world

We are particularly interested in supporting candidates who come from underrepresented backgrounds or who have faced significant challenges in pursuing the next level of their leadership development.

Application Requirements

We welcome applications from individuals who meet the scholarship criteria. To ensure a robust awarding process, applicants will need to:

  • Complete a comprehensive application process that requires:
    • Written and video essays (click “Apply” below to see what you'll need to prepare)
    • Income verification process (most recent year tax documents)
  • Attend a small group interview (required for finalists)
  • Identify the retreat location that is closest to your home address

Participant Commitments

The Co-Active Leadership Program is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It invites you on what will be one of the most formative journeys of your life, challenging your perceptions about yourself, your world, and the contribution you’re here to make.

Due to the intense nature and sustained commitment for the duration of the Co-Active Leadership Program, the following is a list of expectations for selected scholarship awardees. If selected for a scholarship, you will be expected to:


Complete the 10-month intensive program in full 

Arrange travel to and from retreat venues

 Complete 5 weekly hours of project work 

Full attendance at 4 one-week retreats (5 to 6 days each)

Prioritize this time and cancel all other obligations in order to be fully present at each retreat (this includes any employment obligations)

Arrange and pay for travel to and from the retreat site

If necessary, arrange hotels before and after each retreat (accommodation during the retreats is provided)

Cover any other food or expenses needed during travel

Co-leading cohort projects and events

Required reading

Cohort meetings (weekly)

1:1 mentor calls with the Co-Active scholarship track holder


Applications for 2024 start dates are now closed.

Our scholarship period for 2024 start dates has now ended. We are processing applications.

If you would like to be notified when scholarships for 2025 programs open, please complete the form below:

Awarding Process

After applicants submit their applications, a volunteer review committee will carefully evaluate each submission. The committee will evaluate the applications based on various criteria, such as leadership potential, demonstrated commitment to positive change, and commitment to creating a positive impact.

The review process will take about 4 to 8 weeks.


Finalist Selection

From the initial pool of applicants, the review committee will then select finalists to proceed to the next stage of the selection process. These finalists will be invited to participate in one-on-one interviews. During these interviews, finalists will have the opportunity to further discuss their qualifications and aspirations as well as how they plan to leverage the leadership program to make a difference in their communities.

Applicants not moving forward and finalists will be notified by June 7.


Final Selection

Following 1:1 interviews, our review committee will make the final selection of scholarship recipients. Successful, selected scholarship recipients will be notified and provided with details on the next steps to enroll in the program.


The scholarship program is managed by a team of volunteers. You can email the scholarship committee with any questions that haven’t been answered here.

Applications will be open from April 17 to May 10, 2024.

Applicants are encouraged to apply to the retreat center that is most geographically close to their home location. As a part of the application process, you will designate your availability to attend all four retreats for a particular leadership program. If selected, you will be enrolled in that particular program and agree to the expectations listed above.

Successfully selected scholars will have the full tuition cost of the program paid for. In addition to any other expenses, scholars are responsible for their travel to and from the retreat centers.

A total of five scholarships are available, one scholarship per upcoming retreat.

The following programs are available for scholarship:

Sonoma, California BEGINS: July 30, 2024 ENDS: May 18, 2025

Sitges, Spain BEGINS: August 5, 2024 ENDS: May 9, 2024

Sonoma, California BEGINS: October 8, 2024 ENDS: August 10, 2025

Ashville, North Carolina BEGINS: October 15, 2024 ENDS: July 20, 2025

Sitges, Spain BEGINS: October 21, 2024 ENDS: August 1, 2025

After the May 10, 2024 application deadline, the committee will take up to 4 to 8 weeks to complete the entire reviewing and selection process.

We have a rigorous application review process led by an independent scholarship selection committee made up of CTI faculty and CTI leadership graduates. Scholarships are allocated across the globe for CTI’s course offerings and awarded to the highest scoring applicants. All applicants agree to accept the decision as final; given the volume of applicants, once decisions are made, no further communication about award decision will be shared.

After an initial review, finalists will be invited to a small group interview (held over Zoom).

At the latest, final award selections will be made by August 7, 2024. Finalists will be invited to small group interviews by July 1, 2024.

Given the limited availability of scholarships, CTI is unable to provide direct 1:1 feedback. Scholarship applicants can apply once each calendar year.

To ensure equitable access, individual applicants must have an annual income of $75,000 USD or less to qualify. Adjusted financial considerations will be made for those applicants who come from households with two incomes and dependents.

In order to apply for the Leadership Program Scholarship, there are no prerequisites related to other CTI offerings. Applicants should have significant financial need and have a proven track record of contributions of leadership initiatives in their respective communities.

In order to be equitable, if you are already registered or currently enrolled in an active program, you are not eligible to apply for the Leadership Program Scholarship.

Yes, your application must be completed in one sitting. You are not able to save your application to be completed later. We recommend that you prepare your essays, videos, and income statement(s) before starting the application process.

To be considered for the Co-Active Leadership Program Scholarship, please provide the following:

  • Recent year tax filing (meeting the required income limits listed above)

For countries that do not provide income statements, please provide a financial overview of all forms of income for your total household (inclusive of partners/spouses), assets and expenses. Committee members will reach out to you directly to confirm these sources of financial information.

The scholarship program page and application form has been designed to easily upload documents, including your video submission. If you have any technical problems, please reach out to the scholarship committee ( Given the volume of applications, the committee will aim to reply to your question(s) within 2 business days. Please do not contact CTI or our customer service team directly.

Outside of the required components of the application, please do not submit other materials. Should the scholarship committee need anything else, they will reach out to you directly.

In recognizing that everyone is a leader, we also recognize that some leaders thrive with additional accommodations to supplement our safe and courageous learning environment. We invite you to contact us about your needs to help determine if and how they can be accommodated. Given the volume of applications, the committee will aim to reply to your question(s) within 2 business days. Please do not contact CTI or our customer service team directly.

CTI is committed first, and foremost, to you. By extension that means safeguarding your privacy and empowering you to maintain authority over your information. This is done by following current regulations, industry standards and business practices. All information submitted for scholarship consideration will be held confidentially between the scholarship committee and CTI.

Application Support

We're committed to a fair and transparent selection process, ensuring that our scholarship recipients truly embody the spirit of Co-Active leadership.

At any point if you need any assistance completing the application, please reach out directly to our scholarship committee.

Contact Scholarship Committee

As we embark on this inaugural scholarship journey, we are inspired by the potential for positive change that each applicant brings. Your passion, commitment, and vision for a better future are truly remarkable. We are honored to have the opportunity to support you on your leadership journey and look forward to witnessing the incredible impact you will undoubtedly make in your communities and beyond.

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