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For the last 30 years the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) has been offering the gold-standard in coach training and leadership development for individuals and organizations. Now we are creating a new language of leadership. Let's do this together. 

Co-Active Leaders

Agile. Aware. Human

The old paradigm of leadership is over. It’s time for a new language of leadership.

Coaching. Managing. Standing in front. Sitting down in back. Above all else, we are humans, and we are all leaders.

Leadership needs to change, and Co-Active is the context for this challenging global conversation. This new language is teaching us, as leaders, how to be and what to do in a world that so badly needs the old paradigm to shift. When we’re aware of our impact on the world around us, we can create  the world we are meant to live in — as empathetic, loving, and naturally whole human beings in relationship to the world around us.

New Language of Leadership

We develop leaders. Leadership is the conversation. Co-Active is the new language for this conversation. The new language provides the context that will shift the leadership paradigm, where we see value in every single human being.

Building the leadership of others

Our Co-Active Coach Training Program builds the leadership of others by empowering voice. By coaching others to find and use their unique voice and gifts in the world, Co-Active coaches create the environment where heart-led, intimate relationships can be created with themselves and others. By seeing everyone as naturally resourceful, creative, and whole from the start, Co-Active coaches use the new language of leadership to evoke in others the realization of their fullest human potential.

Building the leadership of self

Our Co-Active Leadership Program builds the leadership of self by awakening and strengthening the full range of human expression. As a human, finding, understanding, and using your full range allows your most compelling self to show up in the world as a whole person 100% of the time. The new language of leadership taught in the program demonstrates through experiential learning how to create from self, from others, from nothing, and from everything. When you know how to enhance your own communication, you can use the new language of leadership to evoke in yourself the realization of your fullest human potential.

Co-Active provides a language and framework for a more dimensional and human-centered way of leading.

Leadership is the conversation that brings awareness to our own relationship to any situation.
Here are some core concepts that demonstrate how everyone can take part in this new leadership conversation:

The New Language of Creativity

Old Paradigm


People are either creative or not, and “being creative” is about how many great ideas are brought to the table. This is driven by ego and creates competition.

New Paradigm


Being in full expression of self is the most creative act and is required to be able to create from anyone and anything. Co-Active leaders recover from reactive states and create states in order to grow themselves and their world.


The New Language of Systems & Structures

Old Paradigm


Top-down leadership, hierarchy, rules, and laws provide the rigidity needed to control and create order.


New Paradigm


We use frameworks that create defined spaces for infinite possibility and expression.



The New Language of Innovation & Impact

Old Paradigm


It’s up to me to deliver better, newer things because I’m expected to deliver maximum impact in my world all the time. My impact is either good or bad.

New Paradigm


I understand that I am always having an impact, and I can sense when it’s my turn to bring forward what is wanting to emerge.


The New Language of Relationships

Old Paradigm


I need to know the motivation of the people I’m in relationship with so I know how to react to and transact with them.

New Paradigm


The nature of my relationships is important to me because it is how I know myself and my world. As leaders, we are in relationship at all times to ourselves, others, and the world around us.



The New Language of Responsibility

Old Paradigm


Titles and roles determine the level of control people have over others to manage outcomes and expectations.

New Paradigm


Leaders are always growing their awareness of themselves and the world around them and able to respond to everything that is happening in any given moment.


The New Language of Purpose

Old Paradigm


Purpose means I have to find what I need to change in the world, and that becomes my job. It’s a destination I have to chase that doesn’t have anything to do with me.

New Paradigm


Purpose lies within us as the most intimate essence of our being. Our purpose gives direction to the fullest expression of ourselves in every situation, providing meaning along life’s journey.

Everyone is a leader, when being a leader means we are responsible for our world.

How can everyone be a leader? Our current leadership paradigm tells us that there are leaders and there are followers. That only people at the “top” — CEOs, board chairs, team heads — are considered qualified to lead. The structures built around this paradigm are intentionally rigid, meant to control others in order to mitigate the risk of the “one way of doing things” not being heard and put into action. The way society, communities, and we ourselves function within this system limits our ability to innovate and love, because it’s coming from a place of fear.

Future Leaders

What could change if every human were held as naturally resourceful, completely creative, and already a whole human, inherently filled with the ability to create infinite possibilities in their lives?

We become “response-able”

We are all able to become aware that we are all of this and more, and that we all have the ability to become responsible — or “response-able” — in order to be in deeper, more meaningful relationship to everything in our world. Leaders are responsible for their world, so everyone is a leader. And leaders lead from every place in their lives.

Leadership becomes accessible

Leadership isn’t a “thing” reserved for only certain people. Leadership is the conversation. It’s being vulnerable and forgiving yourself when something happens that you didn’t intend. It’s asking powerful questions that help others reach their own growth potential. It’s about being aware of when we’re triggered and staying in relationship anyway because we value relationships.

Creating the conversation for change.

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