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Believe it or not, your business or your career is like a mirror.

  • POSTED ON JUNE 10, 2024

The Power of Inner Work and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Believe it or not, your business or your career is like a mirror.

We leaders often feel immense pressure to succeed. Employees rely on us for guidance, investors expect strong returns, and customers demand great service. It’s easy to believe the weight of the world rests on our shoulders.

This drives many of us to work tirelessly trying to “fix” our business or career. We scrutinize details, obsess over competition, and desperately search externally for solutions.

But what if instead we viewed our business and career as a mirror?

Management Skills and Business Outcomes

This mirror reflects back to us what lies within. Our deepest fears and insecurities, disempowering beliefs, and unresolved inner conflicts manifest visibly. Challenges faced are not random failures, but cues to develop ourselves.

Studies show 72% of small business failures and 65% of employee turnover stem from poor management skills - especially inadequate communication, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence.

External Environment as a Reflection of Internal State

Our external environment is a reflection of our inner state. The people and opportunities we attract mirror aspects of our consciousness back to us. To change what manifests without, we must first do the work within. As CEO and speaker Valerie Alexander states: “We don't attract what we want, we attract what we are.” Our external world mirrors our internal state.

This is tough to accept. Our egos want to believe we are highly competent professionals. But in reality, we are vulnerable humans too. Capable of immense growth, if we dare to look within.

Will we have the courage for self-inquiry? Or continue grasping at quick fixes, unable to see the opportunity our mirrors provide?

Common Patterns in Leadership Challenges

The Power of Inner Work

Doing the deep personal work to expand self-awareness and upgrade mental models pays enormous dividends. Professionals who prioritize continual growth advance 53% faster in their careers according to Korn Ferry research.

As we cultivate self-mastery, we access more of our innate potential. We become more agile, authentic leaders. Our emotional intelligence improves team communication and morale.

Most rewarding is reconnecting to our core values and sense of purpose. We break free from ego-driven achievement to contribute meaningfully.

As Sheryl Sandberg said, “Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.” Our mirrors guide us to build that enriching jungle gym.

When we inquire within, certain patterns commonly arise.

Fear of Failure

 This manifests as risk aversion, perfectionism, and analysis paralysis. We avoid bold visions or investments that could drive growth.

Here we must examine these fears, where they originated, and how to cultivate resilience through mentoring, coaching and mindfulness practices.

Lack of Focus

 We become easily distracted, spread thin chasing every opportunity, and struggle to say no. The result is diluted efforts and lack of progress.

Inwardly, this mirrors difficulty setting boundaries and seeking validation externally. We realign to our core passions and strengths through practices like journaling, strategic planning and personal visioning.

Poor Communication

 Conflicts persist, turnover is high, and morale is low. We don’t invest enough in rapport or addressing problems.

This reflects low emotional intelligence and unresolved inner conflicts. We develop greater self-awareness and communication skills through mentoring, coaching, and non-violent communication training. 

Unbalanced Life

 We work excessive hours, neglect health and relationships, and burn out. Work consumes life, leaving little fulfillment.

This mirrors lack of self-care and forgetting basic human needs. We recommit to wholeness through mindfulness, therapy, and creating healthy work boundaries. 

The Journey Inward

Yes, doing this personal work is challenging. We must find the courage to honestly inquire within, take responsibility for our inner state, and be willing to change.

But the growth and fulfillment that result are immensely rewarding. We develop leadership skills no textbook can teach. We rekindle passion and access more potential.

The Ripple Effect of Self-Aware Leadership

Leading by example, we create cultures where people thrive. Research shows teams led by self-aware managers are 21% more profitable on average. As we grow, our organizations grow.

So next time you face a mirror moment, take pause. 

Reflect on your state of mind, limiting beliefs, and any inner work required for growth.

Have the courage to admit where development is needed, whether through coaching, Self Mastery work, training, or your own custom journey. This unlocks lasting fulfillment and empowered leadership.

The rewards ripple through your life and career.

Mastering Yourself for True Power

As Lao Tzu said, “Mastering yourself is true power.” 

Your mirrors provide the opportunity.

The journey begins within.

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Cecile Randoing

Cecile started her career as an engineer, eventually transitioning into a consultant and executive leader for multi-million-dollar businesses. In 2012, she left that life to become an entrepreneur. This change throughout her career eventually led to the path she walks now. Cecile – MSc, CPCC, ORSCC, MBTI, Council Guide - brings over 25 years of experience weaving consulting, coaching, entrepreneurship, intuitive guidance, and native earth wisdom to her clients. She guides women leaders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs to move beyond their uncomfortable day-to-day and experience radical self-love and inner peace that help them move beyond secular success. Cécile teaches her clients to stop the noise surrounding and within them, to reconnect and trust their inner guiding voice and be an entire whole person in the work they choose to do, in their decisions and relationships.

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