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Co-Active for Organizations

Bringing the power of Co-Active to leaders, managers, and teams.

More and more businesses are discovering that coaching and relationship-management are required leadership skills. Organizations are using Co-Active leadership and coaching as a transformational employee-development tool, designed to foster collaborative relationships and unlock the potential of employees at every level.

CTI has blazed the way in the application of coaching and leadership within organizations. We have trained over 62,000 leaders worldwide, at over half of the Fortune 500 companies. Use Co-Active training to develop conscious, collaborative leaders—who are able to bring out the best in themselves and their people.

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Organizations can no longer afford the absence of coaching skills. “Coaching cultures” have emerged as a business norm, and “mindfulness” is the new call for sustainability and innovation.

What we offer

Coach Training

  • How to develop a coaching culture
  • Coaching skills for business leaders
  • Organizational coach training program
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Personalized coaching services

Learn more about how we can bring Co-Active coach training to your organization.

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A Business Case for Co-Active Coach Training

“Coaching is not a warm and fuzzy mandate that is nice to have. Analysis of 4,000 managers reveals that direct reports of effective coaches outperform the direct reports of ineffective coaches by 25%. And beyond outperforming their peers, these individuals pose significantly lower retention risk–on average they are 40% less likely to leave their organization. Put simply, the direct reports of effective coaches perform better and stay longer.”

The Corporate Executive Board | Learning and Development Roundtable

Why Leaders Need Coaching Skills

The old leadership paradigm—based on hierarchy, rigidity, and control—is being replaced by a new leadership paradigm—based on agility, collaboration, and, most importantly, relationships. Leaders need the ability to connect, engage, and empower employees.

At CTI we’ve seen firsthand the transformational change that happens when organizations introduce Co-Active coach training to their leaders and teams.

Amazing things happen when you coach people rather than manage them. Our Co-Active Model is based on seeing people not as problems, but as creative, resourceful, and whole. Instead of instructing or advising others, leaders empower people to find their own answers to challenges.

Through Co-Active collaboration, a highly engaged and empowered workforce is created organically—resulting in innovative ideas, collaborative teams, and a culture that is more connected, conscious, and courageous.

It’s very tempting to fall into the old frame of people being flawed or lacking a skill, but the Co-Active Model — with its emphasis on everybody being naturally creative, resourceful and whole—helps to challenge this.

Fred KohlerJuniper Networks
What we offer

Leadership Development

The world needs more conscious, collaborative, courageous leaders. This is which is why Co-Active leadership training is in such high demand. This training is for organizations, individuals, and teams who want to delve deep into their leadership style and impact.  Co-Active leadership programs include:

  • Coaching Skills for Business Leaders
  • How to build coaching cultures
  • Executive coaching

Learn how we can work together to bring transformational Co-Active leadership development to your organization.

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CTI’s faculty members live in 23 countries, speak 26 languages, with some individuals speaking as many as 5 languages fluently.

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