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Get Ready to Go Deep with the Relaunch of the Co-Active Leadership Program

  • POSTED ON MAY 17, 2023
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When the pandemic first hit, and resulted in a surge in virtual learning options, we were forced to pause our Co-Active Leadership Program. It’s an experience that would have been impossible to recreate virtually, so we made the choice to suspend it until a time we could deliver the same transformational, in-person moments that make the program unique.

We’re now happy to announce that we’re bringing the Co-Active Leadership Program back in 2023!

This program has been a big part of our history and identity as a company. For more than 20 years it’s helped people connect with themselves, their leadership, and their purpose. To pause it was a hard decision, but it gave us the opportunity to step back and think about what it means to be a leader in this changing world.

CEO Carey Baker shares some of her thoughts about this shifting landscape and how the program has adjusted to meet emerging challenges:

“The definition of a Co-Active leader is someone who is willing to build the capacity to take responsibility for their/our world. This means leaders have the will to powerfully shape their world and the flexibility to be shaped by their world. So, when the pandemic revealed itself we decided to lean in, make it our co-leader, and work with it to shape a new path forward. This meant that for more than three years, the Co-Active Leadership Program has been on pause as we figured out how to run intimate and in-person experiences safely, and it became a powerful opportunity for us to look at how the program was wanting to evolve. 

What has emerged over the last few years is an even deeper realization that a new definition of leadership and way of leading is needed and that change agents need more tools to navigate the increased complexities and ambiguity of our world. It also made us rethink how we include and account for our individual and personal experiences, the changing landscape of our social and cultural realities, and the challenges we are all facing as part of a global ecosystem. 

Humanity is facing a relationship crisis — how we relate to ourselves, each other, and the larger systems we are a part of is causing disconnection and suffering at unprecedented levels. It is happening in our political systems, our communities, our families, and even our internal landscape. This has been true for a while, and the pandemic illuminated and exposed a new depth of that reality. In a way, the pandemic has been calling us into a process of redefining what it means to live in right relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

This is why I am so excited the Leadership Program will be available for leaders who are ready to step into a new paradigm. Whether it's in the fields in Sonoma, in the mountains in North Carolina, or on the coast of Spain, I am thrilled we have the opportunity to gather in a conversation about leadership and participate in this truly life-changing, transformative learning experience together.”

The Co-Active Leadership Program returns in the second half of 2023, and registrations are now open. Beyond its transformational nature, the program is also renowned for the quality of its front-of-room leaders. We’re delighted to say that our wonderful faculty team for 2023 programs once again includes Karen Kimsey-House, co-founder of CTI and one of the earliest recognized luminaries in the coaching profession. Karen is a co-creator of the program, which has been experienced by over 3,000 people so far, from coaches and executives to community leaders, engineers, and artists. Here’s how she is greeting the relaunch:

“I’m so jazzed that the Co-Active Leadership Program is coming back!  So much heart and dedication has gone into the design and delivery of this program in years past and today it captures the essence of what we mean by Co-Active leadership. Leading this program has called out the best in me and given me the opportunity to engage in a leadership conversation with my fellow program leaders that is both universal and global. 

My dear friend and Leadership Program graduate Paul Byrne once said, ‘The Co-Active Leadership Program was created for those who refused to die with the best of their music left inside of them.’ For me, this quote aptly describes the magic that I have had the privilege of witnessing over and over again as leadership participants rediscover their own unique music and develop the confidence, self-authority, and courage to play that music skillfully and whole- heartedly.   

Each leadership group is unique and each one is an adventure. I love watching a group of random individuals fall deeply in love with the best parts of themselves and each other, and I love seeing how that supports and empowers leadership in the group as a whole. 

And most of all, I love launching each new group of Co-Active Leadership leaders into the larger community and seeing how they will play their part in working for a world that works for everyone.” 

We’re excited to be once again offering this incredible identity-defining experience for people who want to expand their definition of what’s possible in their lives. We’re also grateful for the patience and support of our wonderful community of learners and leaders, who have been eagerly awaiting the program’s return.

You can learn more about the program and view available dates here.

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